RNG in poker: is it possible to cheat?

Many are interested in the question: how to trick a random number generator? This interest is justified by the fact that the RNG in poker is an integral element, without which online competitions are unthinkable. The honesty of this indicator is regularly questioned and becomes the reason for numerous discussions.

The complaints of an impressive Tips Menang Tembak Ikan of poker players are based on the fact that according to their claims, the generator adjusts to the weak users of the poker room, thereby restraining more professional players. This can achieve the location of the first category of users. It will be relevant and correct to understand all aspects, starting with the very definition of a concept.

What is an RNG?

This indicator is designed to form a completely random numerical sequence. In computer systems, there are two types of RNGs: software and hardware.

The former acts as a generator of pseudorandom numbers and appear in the form of an algorithm and represents an algorithm whose components are practically not interconnected and subordinate to the prescribed distribution.Knowing the PRNG algorithm, it is not difficult to derive a “random” order.A hardware RNG appears as a device that uses one of the external sources of entropy to derive sequences.

About RNG in poker (random number generator)

The RNG in poker, which is conducted in the virtual space, acts as a base that guarantees the safety of the room.It is unacceptable to use the PRNG, because this can cause hacking and obtaining a sequence, as a result of which it becomes possible to decrypt the combinations of participants, as well as undiscovered cards on the table.

All the rooms operating today receive special certificates that serve as evidence of the excellence of their generators and software.RNG PokerStars is certified by Cigital, which is considered the most status and significant in this area.

RNG at Poker Stars

Testing of any RNG in poker is carried out through the list of NIST tests. All are based on the United States Standard FIPS 140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standard). It consists of various tests: from checking for a ratio of 0 and 1 in the generated order to the compression test LZO. It is essential to understand that random order cannot be reduced to impressive limits because it should not contain many duplicated sequences.

In order to generate random sequences, a system is used consisting of one or more sources of entropy, as well as the PRNG algorithm. If we look at the situation using one of the principal rooms of PokerStars as an example, this room uses the information received from users as a random factor.

The Quantum poker hardware RNG, which has been certified by the Swiss Federal Bureau of Metrology, uses physical processes to generate a numerical order. The following actions are related to the randomness factor:

mouse movement;

reaction time;

certain manipulations, etc.

The RNG at Poker Stars also provides criteria for establishing an acceptable level of randomness. For example, if there is not enough information from the visitor to the room, the distribution will not begin until the “base” is formed for sufficient generation of arbitrary bits by the RNG in poker hardware.

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