How to eliminate the mathematical advantage of a gambling establishment?

Today, the topic of card account in a casino is gaining incredible popularity, and the players who practice this position it as a reduction in the casino of its mathematical advantage. Thus, everyone who tried to earn a living by playing cards in a casino will confirm that it is very difficult and tiring.

We must pay tribute to the casino’s security 파워볼 – it is constantly improving its skills and is well aware of this method. They allow some players to use the card account, but only for beginners. Professionals aren’t allowed here. No one will let them “rip off” the casino with impunity. But if the card account is not suitable for everyone, then what other ways can you minimize the benefits of a gambling establishment? We recommend that you use the mistakes that the dealer may make in your favor. This is, in a way, a real gift to players who know how to apply it.

Note that to reduce the mathematical advantage of a casino, an institution is also suitable, which, due to the large influx of visitors, takes out additional tables to the hall, placing them in places that are not intended for these purposes. You should definitely go to the casino working round the clock in the morning, and if you have access to the schedule for changing dealers or their shifts, this is simply excellent. Usually, at such times, workers are not so concentrated, and their attention is dulled – as a result, people are mistaken.

I would like to pay special attention to the players who very quickly deal with cards. Initially, this does not seem very convenient, but after you achieve certain professionalism, a fast pace will only be at your fingertips. In some cases, dealers use quick giveaways in order to drive away boredom or brag about their skill. This is the first sign of unprofessionalism. The speed of work is far from a sign of skill, but in this case, the administration of the hall, guided by the imaginary professionalism of the workers, carelessly controls the work.

Let’s choose a table

We do not need ideal conditions. We need tables located in the noisiest areas. Not far from the bar, a noisy slot machine, a source of loud music. But before you go here, evaluate your professionalism – can you overcome such irritants, and will they affect the quality of the game? But the work of the dealer, in any case, will be complicated, and he will also not be able to choose the time for rest at will.

About the place at the table

We strongly recommend that you sit down either behind a noisy player or take a seat in front of a pretty girl. After the turn reaches the boxes that you control, the dealer may be exhausted or annoyed, or, as in the second case, he will try to communicate with the beauty sitting behind you as soon as possible. You will not be given due attention, but that is exactly what you need.

Your behavior

Do not forget to control the actions of the dealer, and if he made a mistake, not in your favor, quickly and silently correct it. If the pit boss did not notice the annoying mistake, the employee of the gambling establishment would be very grateful to you. And if you are dealing with an inexperienced employee, you can focus his attention on the mistakes that are most beneficial to you, the smallest ones. He will not make mistakes less – on the contrary, seeing the lack of punishment, the number of mistakes will increase.

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